About Us

TCP Venture Capital manages the Veterans’ Opportunity and Propel Baltimore Funds.

Veterans’ Opportunity Fund

The Veterans’ Opportunity Fund is a multi-stage, venture capital fund, headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, that was formed to invest in veteran-owned businesses requiring capital for growth. The Fund invests in businesses in the technology, healthcare, business services, and specialized manufacturing industries. All of the Fund’s investments share the same connection to the U.S. armed services and the “accomplish the mission” attitude that has been a proven leading indicator of future success in American business since the dawn of our nation. These businesses benefit from an extremely strong network of relationships, contacts and shared bonds that veteran business owners share with other veterans. The Fund’s Investment Team believes that veteran-owned businesses represent an attractive opportunity for investment. The Veterans’ Opportunity Fund focuses predominantly on the East Coast of the United States. The Fund is currently making investments of up to $3 million in high-growth, veteran-owned businesses.

Propel Baltimore Fund

The Propel Baltimore Fund makes investments of up to $250,000 in early-stage technology companies located in or willing to relocate to Baltimore City. The Fund addresses the critical need for more early-stage capital in Baltimore City, encourages more entrepreneurial activity in the city, creates more high-paying jobs, and helps to realize Baltimore City’s full potential as a destination for small and growing businesses.